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Tatiana Gitcevich

Coach Tatiana has an advanced degree in Sports Education for Fencing from University in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She has coached at the St. Petersburg Olympic Sports School for over 5 years and has produced championship fencers for the Russian Federation. Tatiana was also champion and finalist of many national competitions of the Russian Federation.  She is also recognized as a Provost of Fleuret by the United States Coaching Association.


Rylan Delap

Rylan is the current President of the Alabama division for US Fencing. He is also the newly elected Chairman of the Southeast for the US Fencing Coaches association. Coach Rylan is one of the highest rated referee officials for United States Fencing and officiates internationally as well. He is one of the few Certified Referee Instructors (CRI) for US Fencing and is able to certify new US Fencing referees.

Rylan competed on the Varsity Fencing Team at Penn State where he fenced with members of the National and Olympic Team for the USA and his Penn State team earned the NCAA Championship title in 2014. Rylan was originally taught fencing in Birmingham under Yuanjing Wang and Hongyun Sun, both national team and olympic level fencers/coaches from China.  He also trained under Maestro Walid Mahran. He was later coached by Gia Abashidze at Penn State and has proceeded to work with coaches all around the world to continuously pursue stronger abilities as a teacher.  Rylan has already coached multiple national medalists and champions in his coaching career.

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