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We set strong goals for students and are very competitive driven.  Our learning environment encourages all of our students to learn a positive outlook of self discipline and pushing one's own limits both physically and cognitively.  Fencing is an abundantly beneficial sport which holds a long and rich history in the Olympics as well as the NCAAs.  This sport is a very safe with one of the least amount of injuries of any sport.  Fencing is an addictive thrill that simultaneously provides mental challenge and growth, athletic development, college admissions and scholarship opportunities, networking with a strong and growing national and international community.  Fencing has the highest proportion of scholarships and admissions benefits of any NCAA/Olympic sport.  

Adults who have never tried fencing will have a wonderful experience as they learn how fencing is one of the most satisfying and entertaining sports that can still be learned and practiced at any age.  It is a fantastic way to stimulate the brain and body together to encourage healthy habits, weight loss and longevity. We encourage everyone to come and learn about Olympic Fencing, the excitement, and the great opportunities it offers! 

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